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Dutch Ties has a large collection of silk neckties. All neckties in the store are in stock. We will offer several new collections each year.

We design and produce our own collections. A few times a year we will also buy a One Time collection.

This collection means only a few (or sometimes one) ties of this design will be available. This will quarantee you, you will totally be exclusive with this Necktie. Finding another tie like this will be hard.

All our ties are 100 % woven silk and have the perfect tickness for a perfect not. Some of our ties are seven folded. This ties are thicker and harder to knot. But when you understand and learn how these ties are stunning.

The standard ties are between 9 and 10 cm wide and 147 cm long. If a ties differs from these measures you will find it in the description of the tie.

If you need more information about our ties, the history of ties or the different knots, please discover more about it in the menu to the left.